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Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches

Milos Beaches


One of the best beaches of Milos is Sarakiniko. It is a place unique in beauty and you can enjoy the sea and swimming. The landscape is lunar because the vegetation is absent while the volcanic rocks from which it has been formed are white.
The Saracens pirates gave this name to the beach as they used it as a base station. Of course even today there are bundles of their ships.
Sarakiniko is a small beach for the lovers of the sandy beach there are mainly beautiful rocks to lay your towels and dove in the crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized.


Southwest of Milos you can meet Kleftiko. It is not a sandy beach but the surrounding area offers a unique beauty scenery that you should definitely visit and why not to swim.

Kleftiko is a complex of impressive volcanic white rocks in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. You can take the boat from Adamas and take a trip to Kleftiko to enjoy the unique beauty of the landscape.


Tsigrado is a fine white sand beach located on the south side of Milos, between the beaches of Fyriplaka and Gerakas.

You will reach the beach following the road to Fyriplaka and shortly before arriving you will go left on a dirt road. At the end of the road awaits the path that will take you to Tsigrado. Do not be afraid to get off it (sandy slope), though it looks sharp is not that hard and definitely worth it.


Provatas is a pretty long beach with golden sand and relatively shallow water, suitable for young children.

Access from the asphalt road without any difficulty. During the summer months there is local transportation from Adamas to reach this particular beach.

In the settlement that is built around the beach you will find fish taverns to taste the fresh fish of the area but also several rooms to stay if you are looking for something quieter than Adamas.


Paliochori is one of the beaches you should definitely visit to swim. You will get there by passing Zefyria and following the asphalt road, either by your own car or by local transport.

The beach of the homonymous village stretches almost two kilometers away and divides into three smaller beaches of huge volcanic rocks in various shades of red. At the first beach you will find an amazing beach bar with a unique view, the Deep Blue.


Fyriplaka is a fairly long beach that is cut in the middle by a large rock detached from the mountain.

The first part of the beach is where you will find the beach bar and deck chairs. In the second part you may be alone or with a companion a caravan that has reached the other side of the beach.


At the Mines Beach in Milos, it is better to go by sea or leave your car when the road becomes difficult and continue on foot.

Arriving near the sea you will find yourself in front of the old mines, buildings and rails that have been in place since the late 60's when they ceased to work.


Fyropotamos is a small settlement and at the same time a very beautiful beach in the north of Milos. The sandy beach is surrounded by shady trees and offers umbrellas with sun loungers. To the right of the beach is the settlement with the wires that we encounter in almost all of the seaside settlements in Milos.


Just before arriving at Sarakiniko, take a stop at the seaside settlement Mandrakia and take a swim in the small beach just a few meters away. It is not organized, but it is worth swimming in its crystal clear waters.


An endless sandy beach with view of Adamas and Plaka. Achivadolimni is located at the southern point of the bay of Milos and is named after the lake next to the beach and is full of shells.

The beach has a section that is organized and has a beach bar, but most of it is available to enjoy serenity or water sports (surf & kite) as the beach often has a north wind that favors these sports.

Next to the beach is the Milos camping that is well organized.


The name was taken by the beach of Monastery of Agios Ioannis Siderianos, which is close. The road is good, but by car you will not have any trouble reaching the beach.

The beach is not organized and usually has a little crowd. Guests prefer it for free camping as well.

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